Monday, November 8, 2010

Tarantula Update

As you know, Bryan and I caught a Tarantula out in the desert on October 30th, 2010. Several days after we caught it I fed it a cricket. When I dropped the cricket in the cage it scared the Tarantula and it ran for cover. Then slowly it started to stalk the cricket until finally it snuck up close enough to pounce on the cricket.

They say that Tarantulas only eat about 6 crickets a month. Today I caught a big green grass-hopper out in the back yard. The Tarantula came after it quickly but when it tried to pounce on the grass-hopper, it kicked the Tarantula as it jump away. The startled Tarantula ran for its shelter. The big back legs of the grass-hopper are very powerful.

Throughout the day the same scenario would occur and the Tarantula would run away. Sometime this evening I looked into the cage and the Tarantula finally had the grass-hopper. I wish I would have seen the attack. It was interesting watching the Tarantula stealthily sneak up on the grass-hopper. It is also interesting watching the Tarantula's personality come to life.

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