Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gray Fox encounter near Death Valley NP

This is what happens when people drive to fast in the Desert at night.

Urocyon Cinereoargenteus

I came upon this Gray Fox just outside of Death Valley NP on the highway between Furnace Creek and Death Valley Junction. Someone had run over it. The Gray Fox is nocturnal or crepuscular and dens in appropriated burrows during the day. Crepuscular means active during dawn and dusk. Nocturnal means active during the night. Driving slower at night will give these critters more time to react. I know that animals will always be killed on the highway by vehicles. But slowing down will help keep the populations of these guys healthier.

The tracks of a Gray Fox.

The fur of the Gray Fox is beautiful!
This photo captures some of the lower reddish coloration of the belly area.

The tooth is a canine from the Gray Fox.
The penny is for scale.
Gray Fox are the only Foxes that climb trees. The claws are designed for climbing.

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