Friday, July 9, 2010

Nampaweap - Rock Art Site July 9th, 2010

Today, on my way to Toroweap with two guests, we stopped and checked out Nampaweap, a Rock Art Site near Mount Trumbull. The rock art is carved into basalt. The gulch that the rock art is in is heavily wooded with Juniper and Pinion Pine Trees. It is a half mile walk from the parking lot to get to the rock art. The temperature was over 100 degrees. The hike back to the parking lot is a little uphill so remember to take water. We saw a doe Mule Deer on the way back to the Trekker.

This looks to me like a doodle rock.

This looks like a mythical beast.

This looks to me like it might have been the art of a younger boy.

Is the one on the bottom modern graffiti? I think so.

A beautiful Indian Paintbrush that we saw on the way.
Remember to click on the photos for a close up. One more click is even closer.

We finished off a great day with the spectacular views at Toroweap. Frank and Donna from Perth, Australia were a lot of fun and it is fun to guide folks who love wild places.
Frank and Donna Hoppe, thanks for a perfect day!