Friday, November 12, 2010

Roadrunner at Death Valley 11/11/2010

Yesterday, I was in Death Valley at the Furnace Creek Inn. All the sudden a Roadrunner was standing 6 feet from me. It didn't seem bothered by my presents. I started taking photos as it made its way toward a hedge with a drop-off on the other side. I stuck my camera through the hedge and got some really close photos of the Roadrunner. I'm lucky I didn't lose a finger.
This photo is one of the first ones I took when the Roadrunner appeared.

The next two photos were taken through the hedge.

Facts about Roadrunners
Geococcyx californianus
  • Roadrunners can run up to 17 miles per hour
  • The Roadrunner is also known as the Chapparral Cock
  • Roadrunners are a part of the Cuckoo family
  • The Roadrunner's nasal gland eliminates excess salt, instead of using the urinary tract, like most other birds
  • The roadrunner is the state bird of New Mexico
  • The Roadrunner prefers walking or running places, and they rarely fly. If they do fly it's for short distances
  • The Roadrunner is very adaptable and can control its own body temperature
  • The Roadrunner is non-migratory

Click on the title "Roadrunner" below and you will be able to watch the video in full detail.

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