Friday, January 28, 2011

The Most Mystical View!

One of my most favorite views of the Grand Canyon; looking west from Yavapai Point area.

This photo is looking northwest from Yavapai Point.

Toroweap Point

Thursday, January 20, 2011

7 point buck at Grand Canyon South Rim

On Tuesday, January 18th, we came upon this huge 7 point buck in the South Rim National Park. He was about 25 feet off of the road and allowed us to get close for some great photos.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A sprinkling of snow at Guano Point yesterday

January 6th, 2011

The famous Hualapai Eagle is visible in the center of the photo.

A close-up of the eagle

Majestic Views of Zion NP in Snow 1-5-2011

Zion : Quiet Sanctuary

I was on tour in Zion National Park on Wednesday, January 5th with two clients from Montreal. We got excellent photos of the majestic peaks covered with a sprinkling of snow.

Buttress across the street from Big Bend

The Great White Throne with the Organ in the foreground

Bridge Mountain

Buttresses: Abraham and Isaac

Photo taken to the South from Temple of Sinawava

Angel's Landing from Big Bend parking lot

Me, on top of Angel's Landing looking towards Temple of Sinawava two months earlier

Big Bend parking lot with Tour Trekker looking up the canyon

Angel's Landing in the background with the Virgin River

Photo taken from the River Walk

Photo taken along the River Walk

The Great White Throne from the River Walk

Angel's Landing from down canyon

The serenity of the Virgin River at the bridge at the Emerald Pools trailhead

The Great White Throne with Tour Trekker

The Great White Throne in all its majesty . . .


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Very interesting encounter today. 1-6-2011

January 7th, 2011 By Brad Chapman

On the way home from Grand Canyon West this afternoon (Jan 6, 2011) we had an interesting encounter. We were about 3 miles down Diamond Bar Road when a Black-tailed Jackrabbit flew out into the road running like a streak of lightening across in front of us. As I started to draw everyones attention to the rabbit, a coyote came flying out on the road about 10 feet behind the rabbit. As fast as they appeared, they disappeared into the scrub. Most of my guests saw it. What a neat look into the behavior of prey and predator. I hope my guests realize just how rare a sighting that was. The experience inspired me to draw this picture as there wasn't time to take a photo.

More Mule Deer in Snow at Zion NP. 1-5-2011

On the way out of the park we came upon a group of 9 doe and 2 forked horn right by the Emerald Pools trail head. They approached us to within a few feet if we remained motionless.
Any movement or noise and they would immediately start moving away. My passengers got some great photographs of the deer.

Within the last two weeks there was record flooding in Zion NP. The recent snowfall there caused many tree branches to break and fall. Note the broken branches in all of the photos.

Spectacular photos of Mule Deer in Zion NP yesterday! 1-5-2011

While driving into Zion NP yesterday (1-5-2011) we came upon these 3 buck mule deer and I was able to walk up to within about 20 feet of them. Deer are known to attack if they feel threatened but I moved slowly and quietly enough that they weren't bothered by me. When I would finally move to close they would stand up and take a step or two away from me and I would immediately back off. They would sit back down within seconds of backing off.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update: saw the "old man" in Valley of Fire yesterday.

1-4-2011 Tuesday
Saw the "old man" on Tuesday while in the Poodle Rock area.
He was in the exact area where I saw him the first time.
You can easily get within about 20 feet of him.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Signs of life in the desert!

On a recent hike into the desert close to my house I came upon some interesting holes on the desert floor. I photographed three of the holes that were in close proximity to one another. Check out the three photo's below and see if you can figure out who made them.

Answer: These holes were dug by Coyotes and Foxes looking for rodents and lizards in holes in the ground. With their great smelling sense they can locate the object under the ground and then dig for it with their front paws.