Friday, June 15, 2012

3 Day Grand Canyon Backpack Trip

Our family Grand Canyon trip started on June the 8th. We packed up in the morning and left home around 10 am. We Arrived at the Tusayan McDonalds around three and did final packing untill Jace and Trevor showed up. Trevor packed and then we got a last snack at Wendys before we entered the park. Members of the trip were Me, Denalee (my sweetheart), Sierra (18 year old daughter), Azure (14 year old Daughter) Trevor (our oldest son), and Jace (our 5 year old Grandson).

This is us at Ooh Aah Point. We are posing with the South Rim in the background.

This is at Cedar Ridge. There is a toilet here but no water.

Denalee, my sweetheart, with me at Cedar Ridge.

Stopping for a rest at the bottom of the switchbacks below skeleton point.

Boat Beach and the Black Bridge built in 1927.

This is a photo of the pool out in front of the Pipe Creek Resthouse.
Boy was it refreshing!

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