Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summitted Mount Whitney on May 21st, 2011

Summit of Mount Whitney
Elevation - 14,496'
Summitted 1:15 pm - May 21, 2011

Bryan, Steve, and Trevor at the trail-head.
10:40 am May 20, 2011

Brad, 2 miles up the trail. We encountered snow 1.5 miles up the 11 mile trail.
No crampons or Ice Ax needed yet

Bryan closest, Steve in the middle, Trevor farthest away.

Trevor and Steve halfway between Bighorn Meadow and Trail Camp.

Brad, filtering water for the climb to the summit the next day.
We needed 3 quarts per person.

Our campsite: Trevor, Steve, and Bryan in the tent - me in the bivy sack.

Me, in my down parka, staying warm right after the sun went down.

Me, on the summit of Mount Whitney.
1:30 pm, Saturday Afternoon

All the boys on the summit.

All the boys on the summit with the Smithsonian survival shelter in the background.

Trevor, Steve, and Bryan on the way down posing along the very exposed trail between the summit and Trail Crest, looking towards the west.

Me, after descending the chute below Trail Crest.
Extremely tired, look at my meandering path.

On the way down Saturday afternoon.
Thor Peak in the background to the left and Bighorn Meadow below me in the canyon

Same location, but zoomed in.
This is my favorite photo that Trevor took of me.

Thanks everyone, for a great climb.
Denalee for helping to set up the arrangements and the boys
for sharing a fun but strenuous excursion.

This blog is dedicated to my Dad,
Rodney Orr Chapman,
who passed on to me his spirit of adventure and love of nature.

And to my Mother,
Noreen Nielsen Chapman,
who passed on to me her traits of
persistence and attention to detail.

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