Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spectacular Toroweap!

I took a tour to Toroweap a week ago last Monday. Other than the usual spectacular scenery, we also saw two coyotes, (one of the coyotes was running so fast that there was no time to get a photo) a horned lizard, and a good coyote paw print by a catch basin.

This is us taking a restroom break at the Tuweep Ranger Station.

I found this paw print in the dried mud by a catch basin near where the road passes the campground.

Halfway between the ranger station and Toroweap Point we came upon this Coyote.
It wasn't that hot of a day for this Coyote to be panting. I think the Coyote may have been sick.
It seemed to not have the usual fear of humans that most Coyotes have.

This was the first Horned Lizard that I had ever seen at Toroweap.

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  1. Hi! Your wife sent me over here after she commented on the holiday photos on my blog. I came to the conclusion that you have a pretty amazing job. Your photos are stunning! So much wildlife in such an unlikely place!