Sunday, August 21, 2011

Everyone needs a little break now and then!

I spent last week up in Sitka, Alaska. I lived there for 12 years with my family. We moved to the Las Vegas area in August of 2007 so I left about 4 years ago. I hadn't been back since we left.

It was nice to see old friends and remember old memories.

The following is a photo journal of my trip. The funny thing is that as the Mojave Desert is the hottest, driest desert in the Western Hemisphere, Southeastern Alaska is the largest temperate rain forest in the world.

Whale-watching in Sitka Sound
This is the tail flukes of a Humpback Whale as it is starting a deep dive to feed.

Starting a hike up the Verstovia Trail. One of my favorite hikes in Sitka.

Looking down on a drizzly Sitka from the top of Verstovia.
Elevation: 2,550' above sea level

Bryan and Brad just down from the summit.

A photo of "Kilisnu" out at the Fortress Of The Bears

We finally got a glorious sunshiny day! This is at John Brown's Beach, a neat little beach on the North end of Japonski Island.

John Brown's Beach

Green anemone's in a tidal pool at John Brown's beach.

Brad with beautiful Sitka waterfront in the background

Herring Cove Trail from Herring Cove to Beaver Lake.
Beaver Lake in the background.

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