Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Snake Log

I came upon this Great Basin Rattler at Toroweap. It was basking on a rock after a downpour. It slowly made its way to the bush it is under and coiled up. It never rattled.

I came across this Sidewinder at Quartermaster Point at Grand Canyon West. It was fast asleep. After taking photos of it and getting close for a good look at it my guests told me that they thought it was dead. I assured them that it wasn't but they wouldn't believe me so I told them to get back and then I threw a small pebble at the snake. It went from a dead snake to a flurry of action. It straighten out as it started to rattle and then crawled right down a hole under the rock.

I caught this Great Basin Rattlesnake about 1/2 mile before the end of the road at Toroweap.

I caught this juvenile sidewinder Rattlesnake at Willow Creek Springs parking lot in Red Rock NCA.

I came across this Great Basin Gopher Snake about 7 miles before the ranger station on the way to Toroweap.

I caught this Desert Glossy on Pierce Ferry Road at about mile 26.

This is a Striped Whipsnake that I photographed about 3/4's of a mile up the trail to Angel's Landing in Zion NP. It is holding it's head up high to scout the area for things to eat like lizards and insects.

Great Basin Gopher Snake
Came upon this guy on the way to Toroweap about 35 to 40 miles out from Colorado City.
This specie of snake has a greater range than any other snake in North America.

Photographed this Red-racer on the road between Moapa Truck stop on I-15 and the Valley of Fire.
Accidently ran over it.

Desert Patch-nosed Snake
Photographed this guy at the Texaco station in White Hills, AZ

Panamint Red (Speckled) Rattle Snake
This snake was run over by a car just moments before we came upon it. It was still alive and rattled as we approached. The location was on the road in Willow Springs Canyon in Red Rock National Conservation Area. I think this is one of the most beautiful of all the Rattle Snakes.

This is the same Panamint Red pictured in the last photo but this photo was taken right after I caught it in Red Rock National Conservation Area. The photo was taken with some bystanders cell phone and he emailed it to me. I forgot my camera that day.

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