Monday, May 31, 2010

Racetrack Playa May 26th, 2010

May 26th, 2010 was our last trip to Racetrack Playa until September because of the heat. It was a great trip. We saw 3 Collared Lizards, 1 Red Racer (Coach Whip), 2 Chuckwallas and a Horned Lizard. We also saw a red and black beetle out on the playa.

Collared Lizard #1

Collared Lizard #2

Collared Lizard #3

Up close of the 3rd Collared Lizard. Note the red coloration.
The photos of the collared lizards were taken about half way along the road to the Racetrack Playa from Ubehebe Crater.

This next photo was taken out at the Grandstand.

We came along two Chuckwallas at the west end of the Grandstand.


While we were watching the Chuckwallas, a Horned Lizard was spotted.

We came upon this beautiful insect out on the playa where the rocks roll down off of the hill to start the whole moving rock drama. It is a Master Blister Beetle.


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  1. Beautiful pictures...that's a lot of wildlife! But the heat's got to be crazy!

    Thanks for visiting!